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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tomorrow night, the $2.5 billion man, mark cube and, is never afraid to say what he thinks. what it takes to keep winning and wing on "shark tank." tomorrow night, mark cuban for the hour. "anderson cooper" starts right now. good evening, everyone. we'll take you inside the takedown of one of the biggest dug lords. and warning, a pain killer that
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pregnant women are told to take. how safe is tylenol. we begin keeping them honest on arizona senate bill 1062, legislation that would allow businesses to refuse service on the basis of religious beliefs of anywhere owners. refusing service to gays, lesbians, unmarried mothers, unmarried couples. virtually anyone who is isn't already protected under the federal rights act. this bill faces strong opposition from gay and lesbian people in arizona and others. they do not show opposition to the bill from others who fear that sb-62 will lead to boycotts of the state. others have said they want governor brewer to veto it. some lawmakers voted for the bill and are now having second thoughts. one of them defends their intentions, saying it's not anti-gay but pro freedom of religion. here's an attorney for the alliance defending freedom, a
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national group that actually helped draft sb-1062. >> there's been a lot of lies and misinformation spread about this bill. this bill is not about denying people services. this bill is advocating for basic freedom, ensuring that everyone's human dignity is respected. so the government is not allowed to force or coerce or compel anyone to violate their sincerely held believes or go against their conscience. this is basically to keep the government from discriminating against people of faith. >> that's the abf line. that they're pro-religious freedom. they're not anti-gay, anti-anyone else. they're not pro discrimination of anyone. they're trying to stop discrimination against religious groups and individuals. defending freedom may be part of the name of this group, but the mission, they focus heavily on all things gay. adf lobbied against the don't
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-- lifting the don't ask don't tell policy. they filed a brief in texas against the anti-sodomy law. a book has been written, the homosexual agenda, exposing the principal threat to religious freedom today. overseas in belize, adf supports legislation making gay sex a crime. in a moment, one of the arizona state senators who stands behind sb-1062 also an exclusive with governor jan brewer, first, miguel marquez live in phoenix. miguel, you are at a protest. are they starting to gather outside the capital there? i understand they're going to keep coming back, there was a protest on friday that you reported from. >> reporter: yeah, this is actually growing here tonight, anderson, i'm going to show you what's happening here. 400, perhaps 500 people have shown up, it's not just gays and lesbians out in front of the capital now. it is democratic gubernatorial nominees, rabbis from local synagogues here, and even priests, all of them coming out from all different communities now to voice their concern about
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this bill. this protest really beginning to grow. they want to keep this thing going tomorrow and possibly an all night sort of presence at the capital wednesday. they want to have a presence until governor brewer decides what she's going to do. >> there are still obviously plenty of people in the state who support this. religious organizations say they are not going to be deterred by these protesters, which as you say is a few hundred people. >> the biggest problem they have right now, the three senators who previously supported it have come out against it, there are many, many in the community here who still support this, they feel like religion is under attack in arizona, and around the country. they fear that when a marriage proposal comes down the pike here in arizona in 2016, an initiative on the ballot here, that arizona will be opened up to a lot of the same concerns as
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many other places in the country. i spoke to one christian business owner today who gave me her take on whether or not she would allow gays to join her business. >> i don't necessarily -- i don't really address that, whether someone's gay or not gay. >> would they be welcome in the network if they were? >> would they be welcome in the network? give me just a second to think about that. i'm sorry. >> now, look, i don't want to make too much of what she said or the pause there, but basically the reason she paused, it's a tough question for people to wrestle with, they have very deeply held religious beliefs and they see that the rights being afforded to gays and lesbians across the country as a threat to their way of life.
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it's a difficult thing for them to face up to, and they're starting to wrestle with this. you see that bigger fight to cross the country coming to arizona and this is the result of it. anderson? >> i said jan breuer. governor brewer is going to be on in a moment. dana bash tracked her down. she has until saturday to act on the bill. in a moment i have an interview with our broadcast, governor of south carolina supports this bill. we have an intense exchange i want to you stick around for. the only way to stop this is with a veto. dana bash joins us now. dana bash, you managed to track her down where she's staying at the national governor's association this morning, what did she say? >> she's reluctant to talk about which way she'll go, she's in washington and not arizona, it is really clear she gets the consequences of her decision.
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>> the bill is going to hit your desk in arizona today. you haven't seen it yet, i understand that, but you are very well aware of what's in it. where is your mind on what you will do? >> well, certainly i'm going to go home, when i receive the bill and i'm going to read it and be briefed on it and we have been following it. i will make my decision in the near future. i have until friday or saturday morning to determine that. >> i've seen reports of business leaders in your state very upset and afraid of what the damage could be in your state. super bowl is coming next year and obviously there are other potential problems. is that weighing on you? >> absolutely. i have a history of deliberating and having an open dialogue. listen to both sides of the issues. i welcome the input and information they can provide to me.
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i'm pro business, that's what's turning our economy around. i appreciate their input as i appreciate the other side. >> i get as a governor you have to deliberate. as a person and as a woman and somebody who sort of understands polite of all kinds of people, where does your gut lie right now? >> well, you know, i am a woman, i don't rely a lot on my gut, i have to look at what it says and what the law says and take that information and do the right thing. but i can assure you as always, i will do the right thing for the state of arizona. >> you see she was being very cautious in her public comments. in private, people in arizona who know her, when they say they're confident she'll do the right thing that almost surely means she'll veto this bill. she considers herself someone who wants to protect and promote arizona's economic interest.
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she knows there will be massive economic retribution against her state if there's a law in the books that is seen as codifying discrimination. i'm reminded also that last year she vetoed a very similar bill. >> al melvin, he voted for the bill, he wants governor brewer to sign it. he's running for governor of the state. here's part one of the interview. senator, this law came about in reaction to cases in other states where people have been sued because they refused to contribute to a same sex wedding. a wedding photographer in new mexico, for example. i know you say this is an attempt in arizona to protect people's religious beliefs. but the places where it's occurred in other states like new mexico are states that have laws against discriminating against people based on sexual orientation. there's no federal or state law in arizona, it's already illegal
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to refuse service to someone who's gay in arizona, correct? >> the bottom line for us and those who voted for it, it was a majority in both chambers, it's as basic as religious freedom. you could say that it might be preemptive after we saw what has taken place in some other states, but we think it's nothing more and nothing less than protecting religious freedom in our state and we take that very seriously. >> i understand that but it is legal already to discriminate against someone in arizona because they're gay. you can fire somebody because they're gay. there's no law against that in most cities in arizona, correct? >> well, we -- i've been in our senate for six years and i don't know of any provision in our state laws to discriminate against anyone. >> but sir, as you --
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>> the democrats and republicans alike, we don't want to discriminate against anybody. >> right, but under federal law and arizona law, except for a few cities, there's no sexual orientation is not included among race and gender and disability as things you can't discriminate against, correct? >> well -- >> it's yes or no, correct? >> well, that's why this bill will prevent discrimination, and that's what we want to do here. >> sir, with respect you're not answering the question. under arizona law state law, sexual orientation is not included in anti-discrimination legislation, correct? >> yes. >> so it's legal -- you can fire somebody for being gay already, correct? >> we don't want that to happen here but it's my understanding -- >> but it can happen. >> i don't know of anybody that would advocate that or stand for it. >> okay.
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but under this law, you say it's all about protecting people of faith in arizona. can you give me a specific example of someone in arizona who's been forced to do something against their religious belief or successfully sued because of their faith? >> again, i think if anything, you -- this bill is preemptive to protect priests. >> you can't give me one example of this actually happening? >> no, i can't. we've seen it in other states and we don't want it to happen here. >> but it's happened in other states that have laws protecting gay people specifically, that's what this bill is all about. in arizona they don't have laws protecting gay people so it can happen in arizona. >> well, sir, the bottom line is this is not a discrimination bill this is a religious freedom bill. we want to protect religious freedom here. >> you can't cite one example
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where religious freedom is under attack in arizona. >> not now, no. but how about tomorrow. >> that's part one of the interview, we'll have a lot more after this break. with senator melvin. we'll have him right back. we also get reaction from an nyu law professor. let us know what you think, talk about it on twitter on the commercial break @ac360. also ahead tonight, millions of pregnant women take it because they've been told it's safe. it's the active ingredient in tylenol. new research is raising new concerns about what it can do to a developing child. dr. sanjay gupta joins us. [ male announcer ] hey, look at you!
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welcome back. we're talking about arizona's b sb-1062 bill. and the question whether it targets anyone is due to fear against a group of people. in a moment nyu law professor joins us, but first, the second part of my conversation with al melvin who is running for governor. >> under this law, if i'm a catholic loan officer in a bank, and i don't like the idea of loaning money to a divorced woman because jesus spoke against very strongly, or i don't want to loan money to an
7:18 pm
unwed mother, i just don't -- it's against my religious belief and my religious belief is sincere. under your law, i could refuse to do business with an unwed mother or a divorced woman, correct? >> i don't know where you're getting your hypotheticals from, sir. divorced women and what was the other one you cited? >> unwed mother. i mean, jesus spoke -- >> who would be against an unwed mother? i wouldn't be. i wouldn't be against a divorced woman. i don't understand -- >> but, sir, as you know -- no, i'm not -- >> you're trying to take discrimination to the n-- >> jesus spoke against divorce. he actually spoke against divorce, he never said anything about gay people. there are plenty of people who
7:19 pm
would oppose doing business with a gay person. under your law, if it's a sincere belief on the part of a loan officer and doing business with that unwed mother or that divorced woman, would not be a trivial or technical or minor burden on my beliefs, and that's my argument under your law, i don't have to do business with that person. >> i think you're being farfetched with all due respect. as a christian, as most god fearing men and women would respect unwed mothers, divorced women, who would discriminate them? i never heard of discriminating against people like that. i never have. >> but i read your law -- >> i don't know where you're coming up with your experiences sir. >> i'm coming up with an example of somebody who might -- who has a -- there's plenty of people who oppose divorce and have a sincere belief that it is absolutely wrong, marriage is for life, they made a vow. they don't want to do business with someone who's divorce. as loaning as that belief is sincere and not a minor interaction you have to have with that person.
7:20 pm
i would argue loaning money to that person is not a technical interaction, under your law, it certainly is something that could be -- go to the courts about. >> i don't believe so, sir. >> okay. >> you know, all of the pillars of society are under attack in the united states. the family, the traditional family, traditional marriage, mainline churches, the boy scouts, you name it. >> so no florist in arizona is going to be forced to participate in a gay wedding because, a, you don't have gay weddings in arizona and you're not going to any time soon and, b, under arizona law, it's okay to discriminate against a gay person and refuse them service already. that's two reasons why no person of faith is going to be forced to interact with a gay person at their wedding, it's not going to happen in arizona. >> with all due respect, sir, i don't know of anyone in arizona that would discriminate against a fellow human being. no christian or no jew that i know of. >> really? nobody? i know people in new york that would discriminate plenty. discrimination doesn't exist in
7:21 pm
arizona? >> well, maybe you ought to move to arizona. we're more people friendly here apparently. >> you're on the tourism caucus, aren't you concerned about the impact? >> i started it. i started the tourism caucus, we are number one in the country by most business magazines as the best state in the country to start a business, we're number one for job creation -- >> but as you know, businesses have -- >> and overall pro business climate. >> businesses have come out saying this is bad for business, this is bad for the state. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> but because there has become a media frenzy on this, that has caused other candidates for governor -- >> you're seriously blaming the media on this -- >> well -- >> come on. >> when you take discrimination
7:22 pm
against unwed mothers and divorced women, i have never heard of that in my entire life. it's like you're starting a cottage industry of perceived and -- >> are you telling me there's nobody who opposes divorce? you're telling me there's nobody who opposes divorce? >> everybody that i know wants strong marriages. strong traditional marriages. they want them. and divorce is a sad thing. it usually hurts children, and we don't want that. that's why we want to strengthen traditional marriage as defined between one man and one woman. >> you're assuming under your law that everybody has the same religious beliefs as you do. but there are many -- there are dozens of religions. there's probably hundreds of religions in the united states. with all sorts of different beliefs. >> yes. >> you're saying everybody has to be able to act according to their own beliefs. i understand that desire, it's
7:23 pm
part of america. the protection of religious freedom, that's one of the great things about this country. >> and that's what this bill is all about. >> but can a society exist where everybody gets to decide who they interact with and who they don't based solely on their religious beliefs and for whatever reason, require rationally, somebody doesn't like somebody else, as long as it's a sincerely held belief under the law, they don't have to deal with that person? >> this bill is designed for religious freedom. no matter how you twist and try to turn it. that's the bottom line here.
7:24 pm
there's into belief perceived, no belief voted on and we hope the governor sign it is into law. >> if somebody is fired because they're gay or lesbian in your state, is that discrimination? would you say that's discrimination? >> i don't know of anybody that discriminates in our state, sir. >> i'm just saying, if somebody is fired, a boss doesn't like some guy on their staff or woman on their staff because they're gay or lesbian and they're fired for that, is that discrimination? >> you know, you're trying to distort a religious freedom bill and trying -- >> sir, you're running for governor of the state of arizona. >> yes, i am. >> you're going to be governor of gay and lesbian people. you can't even say if a gay person is fired for being gay, that's discrimination? you can't even make that leap and say, yeah, that's discrimination? >> i don't know of any case like you just cited, sir. >> i want to give you one more opportunity because i think this is going to come back on you. if someone anywhere in america is fired because they're gay or lesbian and that's the reason they're fired, just because somebody doesn't like them and it's legal in that state, is
7:25 pm
that discrimination? >> i'm against all discrimination and i want maximum religious freedom, sir. >> so, okay, you can't answer that question then. i gave you the opportunity -- >> that's my answer to you. >> i hear ya. >> i know you're trying to set me up and i'm not going to stand for it, sir. >> senator al melvin, appreciate your time, thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> i want to introduce you to kenji yoshino. he's a constitutional law professor. you just heard what he had to say. he says that if a catholic loan officer doesn't want to loan to a divorced woman, he can't imagine that scenario happening, but he just said that would never happen. under this law, if i'm a loan officer with a sincere religious belief and i don't want to loan money to a divorced woman under this law, is that legal? >> that would be absolutely legal under this law. >> so when you hear the senator saying there is no discrimination in arizona that
7:26 pm
he can ever imagine or see, what do you make of his argument? >> yeah, i think that he's just -- well, i -- i really don't know what to make of that, because when i look at the history of trying to be -- say the things that are both true and kind here. when i think about what the impetus behind this bill was, it was this new mexico case, the photography case. >> a wedding photographer in new mexico refused to take photos at a same-sex wedding? >> i believe so. the reason why the community considers this as an affront, it's a solution for the gays and lesbians rights problems. there isn't a statute that would protect gays and lesbians in the first place. so it seems like there's a little bit of overkill to come in a statute that says we can
7:27 pm
opt out to giving equal rights to gays and lesbians. >> it's unusual to me that he wouldn't have thought about firing someone who is gay or lesbian would be discrimination. it seems like he hasn't even thought about that. >> well, i read it a little differently. i read him as saying, there's no good answer i can give here. if i give the honest answer by saying, i think it's discrimination. that's essentially putting lipstick on that pig, right? >> i'm fine -- i'm a gay guy, i'm fine if somebody believes that. it doesn't bother me. everyone's entitled to their opinion. it's interesting that no one is willing to come out and say that -- rarely are people willing to come out and say that directly. >> yeah. and in fact to that point, one of the proposed amendments to this bill is to say you can discriminate under sb-1062, but you have to say i'm doing it on
7:28 pm
conscientious objective grounds. so you would have to put a sign in your window saying, i'm a conscientious objecter to gay people. >> under this new bill, you don't have to explain why you're refusing? >> under this bill, you do not have to do that. the proposed amendment that would have forced them to be held accountable was voted down. i thought what the senator was doing in his exchange with you just now was a more individualistic version of what happened on the senate floor. in arizona. because once again, he didn't want to come out and say it, because it's not nice to say we discriminate against anyone. this whole we don't hate anybody but we don't want people to have their rights is a very tightrope for them to walk. >> interesting.
7:29 pm
>> thank you. always a pleasure. >> there's more of the interview both with professor yoshino and senator melvin online, unedited. we had to edit some of it for time. didn't change the meaning of the interview, you can check if all out. >> could the active ingredient in tylenol and a lot of other painkillers be harmful to developing babies. dr. sanjay gupta joins me ahead. the dramatic raid that ended with the world's most wanted drug king pin in handcuffs. how they finally got him. an expert ford technician knows your car's health depends on a full, complete checkup. the works. because when it comes to feeling safe behind the wheel, going the distance and saving at the pump you want it all.
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welcome back. new medical studies is raising serious questions about the leading ingredient in tylenol. pregnant women have been told it's safe to use acetaminophen. unlike ibuprofen and aspirin, it won't hurt the babies that they're carrying. but in this new study, it finds children whose moms took acetaminophen while they were pregnant were more likely to develop adhd. the study didn't find the painkiller caused adhd, but it did find a link. a little confusing, we wanted to find out more about what that
7:34 pm
means. dr. sanjay gupta joins us tonight. >> sanjay, this finding, how significant is it? >> this could be a pretty significant finding. you know, keep in mind that tylenol is one of the most common medications women take during pregnancy. more than half the women in the study say they took it during pregnancy at some point. also there's not a lot of other good options for women to take during pregnancy. ibuprofen is not a good idea, as aspirin is not a good idea. the final part, fever is something you want to control during pregnancy, it can be problematic for the unborn baby, so you've got to treat it with something. that's why there's a lot of attention on this. let me just point out quickly, what they found specifically was, women who are taking tylenol, acetaminophen for at least one day a week over 20 weeks of the pregnancy, they're at the highest risk of having a child diagnosed with adhd, the ratio is almost doubled in those women who are taking that much tylenol. >> which sounds very significant.
7:35 pm
>> yeah, it is significant. this is what we call an association. there's no cause and effect here yet, that's something that can take a long time to find and investigate. but it's a large study. it's a significant finding and the numbers are really worth paying attention to. >> how would a pain reliever, how would it actually contribute to adhd? >> the right answer is we don't know. and people who say they know for sure probably don't. what they think could be happening is that tylenol could be acting as what is known as an endocrine disrupter. as the baby is developing, there's all sorts of hormones that are telling the body to do certain things. develop this organ, that organ, develop the brain. if some of those hormones are disrupted and not behaving the way they normally should, the brain may not be getting some of the signals it needs during some very crucial points of development. again, that's a hypothesis that
7:36 pm
we don't know for sure, this whole study, we don't know if there's a cause and effect here. it's just an association. >> the bottom line, for someone who's pregnant the. what should a woman do? do they stop taking tylenol during pregnancy? >> here's what i would say. looking at all the different things women take tylenol for, for fevers, it's the best option, something that's going to be safe to take, and safer than letting a fever go unmitigated. for things like muscle pain or joint pain, things like that, you know, doing nonmedicated therapies, massage therapies, hot bath, these are some of the things the study author recommended, may sound simplistic, but again, you want to try to reduce the amount of tylenol as much as possible. we did hear from johnson and johnson, the makers of tylenol as well. they point out the same thing i've been telling you, this is not a cause and effect study. that has not been established and they say, obviously talk to your doctor any time you take a medication, but this one's safe to take, they say. >> all right.
7:37 pm
dr. sanjay gupta, i appreciate the advice. thanks. >> you got it, thank you. we have more medical news just ahead. the latest on a mysterious illness paralyzing kids. one of the world's most notorious drug lords was sound asleep when the commandos showed up at his house. how the super stealth raid that captured el chapo went down. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number.
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the world's most wanted drug lord is spending his third night behind bars after a decade on the run. his name is el chapio -- chapo, that's his nickname. he was captured over the weekend in a predawn raid in a mexican resort town. he was asleep when marines showed up. authorities say he's every bit a drug king pin. his reach into the u.s. is deep. he's legendary for his ability to allude the law, until now. brian todd has new details on how authorities finally caught him. >> joaquin el chapo guzman was our bin laden. at the end of a 13-year manhunt we get details of his capture. 6:40 a.m. in a surgical operation, an elite unit of mexican marines burst into this apartment in mazatlan, mexico.
7:42 pm
they find him lying shirtless next to his beauty queen wife. former officials tell cnn not a single shot was fired. >> he had an ak-47 next to the bed. when the mexican marines entered the condominium, he was still asleep. they used the element of surprise. and he did not have a chance to react and seize his weapon. >> michael vahil says he was briefed on the raid. a mexican official tells us the marines knew guzman and his bodyguard were asleep, because they used infrared and body heat scanners to detect their positions. they say guzman's 2-year-old twin daughters were also in the apartment. but how did they know he was there? just days earlier, arrests of several operatives yielded a trove of intelligence on his whereabouts, which mexican and u.s. officials shared. >> very well coordinated situation. you're using both human
7:43 pm
intelligence and the technological side of things, you're tracking down cell phones and zeroing in on a particular location. >> just before he got to mazatlan, mexican marines raided one of guzman's safe houses. it took them several minutes to get past a reinforced steel door. that gave guzman enough time to escape through a hidden hatch under a bathtub. they later discovered a series of tunnels between his houses in culetcan. by the time of his capture, officials say, the man known for ingenious and airtight security had gotten sloppy. >> he was getting tired of having to move around from place to place, the increasing frequency of his visits to beach resorts and cities is either hubris or general tiredness, the fatigue of having to be in hiding for that amount of time. >> reporter: mexican officials have in custody chicago's enemy
7:44 pm
number one. the d.e.a. says guzman was responsible for 80% ofs drugs in that city and at least 25% of the narcotics flowing into the u.s. from mexico. >> it's an incredible story. where is he now? >> we're told by a mexican official that he is being held in a basement in a prison in mexico state. he's being kept away from the general prison population. this official says he's being held in isolation, that's he's being watched 24 hours a day, and the video surveillance is part of that. they are keeping very close watch on him right now. >> thanks, brian. appreciate it. during all the years el chapo was on the run, he was captured on his home turf. in the mexican state where the cartel requires equal measures of fear and respect. gary tuchman went there last year when there were rumors that el chapo had been killed. here's what he found.
7:45 pm
a warning, some of this is graphic. >> this is one of the most dangerous spots in mexico, a place where few outsiders go. >> we're driving through the heart of the mexican state of cinaloa. it's home to one of the most powerful, wealthy, ruthless drug cartels there ever was. its leader is a man by the name of joaquin guzman, better known as el chapo and this is his home. this is him back in 1993, after he had been captured. but in 2001 he escaped from prison in a laundry cart. he is the most wanted man in mexico, marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin and murder are all part of his business. violent scenes like these, bodies stuffed in garbage bags, police executed and journalists executed are directly connected to the wrath of his cartel. much of the blood is spilled here, the largest city in cinaloa.
7:46 pm
as rumors spread that el chapo was killed in a gun fight, no one here believed it. >> translator: around here, he is a legend. >> reporter: that mystique is part of the reason people are protective of him. he was seen as a modern day robinhood. a common feeling? leave el chapo and his cartel alone and he'll leave us alone. one of the priests says it's commonly understood people mind their manners when it comes to el chapo. >> we don't talk about it. >> reporter: just drive around here, and you'll see how he and his members are idolized. store fronts bear the name of the cartel leader. it's not uncommon to see el chapo on license plate frames. nothing idolizes the trafficking trade here, money lines the walls and ceiling of a place of prayer. a man many compare to el chapo.
7:47 pm
this is a sign you never expect to see in a law had ever abiding society. this is literally a chapel dedicated to a man born in 1870, died in the early 20th century. he's considered a patron saint for drug dealers and those who sympathize with drug dealers. he was considered a robin hoods -- robinhood back in his time. drug dealers come here, families of drug dealers come here to pray for people who have died, and good transport of the drugs up north. this is a chapel right inside here, in spanish it says thank you to god, thank you to st. jude for the favor of protecting our family. and it's signed by a family. >> the most bizarre scene may be this. driving down the street, it first looks like you're entering a neighborhood. but this is a cemetery where cartel members are buried. this looks like a house but it's not. there's a body buried in here. it's a tomb.
7:48 pm
there are scores of similar mausoleums in the cemetery. with the faces of the drug king pins posted outside the crips. -- crypts. traffickers who likely grew up in poverty and homes much smaller than their final resting places. and when the drug trade is glorified like this, it's easy to see how someone like el chapo could allude capture for so long. >> those mausoleums are incredible. what is making kids sick in california. a doctor investigating a mystery illness that's left several children hospitalized. and what happens after a bird smashes into this plane's windshield. t ever pro-v antioxidant systems. clinically proven to make hair healthier. healthier with every wash. healthier looking hair every day? i can get used to this.
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7:52 pm
there's a lot more happening tonight, susan hendricks is here with a 360 bulletin. >> a mysterious illness has caused polio-like symptoms in children in california. right now there is no hope of recovery. the cases go back as far as 2012. all of the patients were vaccinated for polio. defense secretary chuck hagel is recommending massive cuts in military spending, this includes shrinking the u.s. army
7:53 pm
to preworld war ii levels and retiring the a-10 attack jet. he will submit his 2015 budget proposal to congress next week, where he will face opposition from republicans. hollywood is mourning the death of harold reimus. best known for his work on "ghost busters." he co-wrote "animal house," "caddieshack" and the list goes on. he died from complications due to an autoimmune disease. he was 69. a pilot kept his cool and managed to land his small math in ft. myers, florida after a bird did that. shattered his cockpit window mid flight. he was going about 170 miles an hour at the moment of impact. he's had several close calls but not a direct hit. >> susan, thanks very much. the ridiculist is next. gas at the same location.arl
7:54 pm
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7:57 pm
time now for the ridiculist. the man who gave us the soundtrack of the 1990s is still around. a renaissance man whose dreams were as big as his hair, whose lines held as much gravitas as the lines in his eyebrows. i'm speaking, of course, about the one and only vanilla ice. where is he now? ♪ go ninja, go
7:58 pm
go ninja, go nina, go ♪ >> that's right, vanilla ice, good to see he's still practicing his craft. i'm surprised he went with mac & cheese. uncle ben's is probably in the exact same aisle. providing the same opportunity for "rice, rice baby." it's already seared into our consciousness. durham academy made the following video to announce skill was closed. ♪ ice, ice, baby, no school today, ice, ice baby ♪ >> the song is everywhere, remember the movie "step brothers"? ♪ ice, ice baby >> derek went on to win the
7:59 pm
contest by lip syncing ice ice baby. >> that's a great song. >> it is. >> so that clip is just a few seconds, but the actor who was lip syncing, had to learn the entire song in preparation but it was difficult because the lyrics make no sense. >> the first lyrics to the song are, yo, vip, let's kick it. which i think is a nice way to start out a song. it's saying, you're a very important person, let's begin. and then the next lyric is all right, stop. which is strange, because we literally just started. >> i'm starting to get worried that all this talk of ice ice baby is going to get stuck in your head. for that aa -- i apologize. if that baseline is going to be in your head all night, it may as well be from the guys who wrote it. check out the following while my dj rolls it. ♪ ♪ pressure pushing down on me pushing down on you ♪
8:00 pm
♪ under pressure >> that's a good song. queen and david bowie's under pressure, one song that will never be called cheesy on the ridiculist. that does it for us. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts now. next, breaking news, hundreds of angry protesters gathering outside the arizona governor's office saying the state is allowing discrimination against gays in the name of god. plus, a new battle in the war on 1%. tonight one of the richest men in america fighting back. and ted nugent backed out of an interview with me last week, and tonight he's out front live and i'll ask him why he called the president a subhuman mongrel. let's go "outfront."